Your Passport to Seamless Cross-Chain Trading on Mobile

Take Control of Your DeFi Portfolio with Effortless Trading and Asset Management, Anytime, Anywhere


Cross-chain Bridge

High-Performance Cross chain bridges. and use your assets on most of the networks.

Glimpse on all of your orders

Notifications to let you know your orders have been filled at the correct time.

All in one activity

All of your DeFI activity in one place to track and manage your orders.

Secure transactions

Fully Secure transactions to make sure your trades are safe and funds are secure.

Biometric Security

This added layer of protection prevents unauthorized access and keeps your assets safe.

Token Swaps with slippage control

We bring every DeFI tool you need in palm of your hand.



DCA in your palm

Automate your crypto investment approach by scheduling regular purchases, smoothing out market volatility and enhancing long-term portfolio growth


Cross-chain bridging

Seamlessly exchange assets between different blockchain networks, expanding your asset reach and unlocking diverse investment opportunities.


Limit Orders

Set precise buy or sell orders at predetermined prices, ensuring optimal trade execution and maximizing your investment strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions